The Energy Savings Team

Save on Energy...Spend on You! 5 countries, 10 cities and the potential to reach millions of people across Europe. This was a big campaign and I had the pleasure of producing the engagement material, prizes, website and design for the communication channels. One of the biggest challenges was keeping the characters coherent and the messages similar across the languages and events. The stand out feature was the Interactive truck which was driven around Europe. It spread facts and tips to the people feeling the pinch in the current economic climate. Along with contributing to the interactive design in the truck, I managed to get on the road and go to some of the events to help set up the interactive projections - nothing quite beats seeing your own work in action.

April 2018

Greek Print Ads

Save on Energy...Spend on you GIF

T-shirt and Tri-fold leaflet

GDN ad, Interactive Energy House and an Energy bill envelope

Comic strip

Interactive Wall


Character Assets