Open Education Europa

A central web hub for all things teaching across Europe. What had gone before was bland and text based, I was asked to breathe a bit of life into it, to make it visually engaging, whilst improving the user journey. Accommodating the website’s existing active membership base of 30,000 is never an easy or quick win. Layouts and features had to work seamlessly when translated into 24 languages. ...and Voila, here are the designs. The logo draws inspiration from a lightbulb and two books stacked upon eachother. I wanted to convey the message that teaching and learning (from resources) switches lights on in people's heads. For the website, I wanted to design simple and clean with mature colours to differentiate the types of content. This content would be pulled into the homepage as they were submitted. This provided diverse flashes of vibrance through the grid each time you visited the site.

July 2017

The logo Design and a visual taken from the mobile website account section.

The website homepage and a snapshot of the live discussion